EQAR maintains a Register of quality assurance agencies that comply substantially with the  Standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG). Agencies evidence compliance with the ESG through an independent external review process. Inclusion on the Register is voluntary for quality assurance agencies.

Individuals or organisations that have substantiated concerns about a registered agency’s compliance with the ESG or the external review process may address these to EQAR in line with the Complaints PolicyEQAR, however, does not have a mandate to review individual processes or decisions by registered agencies, or to construe national legislation, European Union law, or any other applicable rules.

The Complaints Policy only relates to third-party concerns about a registered agency. In case of concerns about the professional conduct of EQAR and its representatives please refer to the Code of Conduct. If you are a quality assurance agency and have a concern regarding the decision on your application please refer to the information on appeals.

Lodging a Complaint

Before lodging a complaint, please read the Complaints Policy carefully. You may lodge an official complaint in the following ways:

Anonymous complaints can be made via the web form only.