Application forms and documents

(1) Eligibility verification forms and documents

The application can be made at any time, without fixed deadlines. The applicant organisation will have to submit the following:

  • Online Application Form completed by an authorised representative of the Applicant;
  • Annex 1. Signed Application Form (PDFDOC, ODT);
  • Annex 2. Draft Terms of Reference (PDF document)

The Online Application Form shall include a brief description of the agency’s activities, indicating which activities the applicant considers to be within the scope of the ESG and information about the planned external review process and coordinator of the review. The applicant shall upload the two requested annexes in the online application.

The  online application will provide EQAR with all necessary information to be published on the Register in case the application is successful.

(2) Submission of review documents

The review documents (see below) must be submitted via email to applications[at] before one of the two deadlines (15 March/ 15 September) for initial applications or in case of renewals before expire of the agency’s registration.

  • Self-evaluation report (PDF document)
  • External review report (PDF document)
  • Declaration of honour (PDFDOCODT) & Annexes  (final terms of reference and the full curriculum vitae (CVs) of all review panel members)

The following documents should be submitted where applicable:

  • Applicant’s statement on the external review report;
  • For ENQA full members, a confirmation letter (or equivalent proof of ENQA membership); including prior correspondence between the applicant and ENQA.

Language and additional documentation

It might be useful where changes have been introduced after the completion of the external review on which the application is based, or where recommended improvements have already been implemented.

Applicants should, however, bear in mind that, as a rule, the external review report serves as the main basis for EQAR’s decision making. Therefore, supplementary documentation should be as extensive as necessary, but as concise as possible. Supplementary documentation should add to the analysis in the external review report, and should not replace it.

If documents are in another language than English, the applicant is expected to arrange for their translation.


Documents should be sent as PDF files (Portable Document Format) unless indicated otherwise. This will ensure a proper readability across all platforms and prevent any unintentional modifications of these documents.

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