Central European University

Közép-európai Egyetem (KEE)

Basic information

  • Identifiers
    DEQARINST1320 HU0023
  • Erasmus: HU BUDAPES47
    SCHAC: ceu.edu
    Erasmus-Charter: E10207159
    EU-PIC: 999480338
    EU-VAT: HU18118463
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  • Founding year
  • QF-EHEA levels
    third cycle, second cycle, first cycle, short cycle
  • Previous names
    • Central European University (Közép-európai Egyetem (CEU)) until 30/06/2015

National External Quality Assurance Requirements

  • Austria
    • Institutional and initial programme accreditation
      Private higher education institutions
    • Own methodology
      University colleges of teacher education
    • Institutional audit
      Public universities; universities of applied sciences after an uninterrupted accreditation period of 12 years
    • Institutional and initial programme accreditation
      Universities of applied sciences
    • Further information on external quality assurance in Austria
  • Hungary
    • Accreditation of higher education institutions
      are carried out in five-year cycle. The initial accreditation of new institutions involves programme accreditation as well, since new institutions must have at least four programmes running.
    • Programme accreditation in disciplinary clusters
      conducted for specific fields at the request of the Ministry.
    • Accreditation of doctoral schools
      up to five years. The doctoral degree is defined in the Higher Education Act and is awarded by the doctoral councils of universities.
    • Further information on external quality assurance in Hungary

External Quality Assurance Reports and Decisions

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Institutional accreditation

Programme level

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