New EQAR office officially opened

The new EQAR office on Avenue d’Auderghem/Oudergemselaan (Brussels/Etterbeek) was officially opened with a reception on 16 February 2009. Approximately 40 Brussels-based partners followed the invitation to a small celebration of this important step in the development of EQAR.

EQAR is located in an office share together with West Midlands in Europe, East Midlands European Offcie, European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN), European Office of Lower Silesia, smallbusinesseurope, Cyprus European Office and University of Cyprus. The office is located in the heart of Brussels’ EU disctrict.

EQAR was founded in March 2008 by ENQAESUEUA and EURASHE. Until December 2008, the EQAR secretariat was provisionally hosted by EUA in order to allow the new association to get up and running, and find an own office at a suitable time.